One language per week


Coding in python several years now. Started with turbo pascal in school, prolog, c++ and java in university and sticked to python. This year I have written a little crawler in go and tried some Ruby API stuff in a weekend online lecture. May other languages open up my mind again I decided to pick one language and do play around with it for one week each until end of the year.

Starting tomorrow - process the following:

  • Sunday pick a language
  • Monday get it up and runing hello world
  • Tuesday check some examples
  • Wednesday explore Stack Overflow
  • Thursday still code something
  • Friday write down something about the language
  • Saturday recover ;)

...we will see.

update on 2016-12-05

Language order is there because I started already: -C-, Bash, ...I still onto bash for two years now. Besides I have not much time at work, I started automate myself. Some of the task I am doing could be done by a script with some preparation. That is sad, but also challenging: How much of my work is not scriptable ;)

So I am on the bash train now and will follow up with these: javascript, scala, elexir, haskell, ...